Our Passion is Taking Care of Children

For more than 20 years, 1st Choice Pediatric Home Care has been providing caring and professional in-home nursing services to kids and their families. Licensed by the State of Minnesota, we specialize in complex, high-risk pediatric and neonatal care.

Our nurses are available around the clock to provide the same quality, compassionate care you have come to rely on from a hospital. We make it possible for you to live and work with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is receiving the best care available.

With 1st Choice Pediatric Home Care, you are not alone in this journey!

A boy toddler smiling.

Foundation and Mission

1st Choice Pediatric was founded by Terri Lynas, whose son had 24/7 nursing at home. Our mission is to provide the same quality care Terri wanted for her son to other families in their homes.

Having an owner who has experienced home care nursing for her own child makes us uniquely aware of families’ needs, and motivates us to provide exceptional care to every family we work with!

We Are Flexible

We know every family’s situation is unique, and we work hard to ensure the nursing care we provide is custom and catered to your family. We choose nurses specifically for your home that we know are going to work with your family dynamic, making it easier and less stressful to have a non-family member taking care of your child.

We offer families a choice in who cares for their child – families meet nurses before they ever start training or caring for your child.

Experts in Staffing

1st Choice Pediatric Home Care understands the trust needed to allow someone to come into your home to care for your child. We make it our top priority to ensure you are confident that the nurses coming into your home will provide trusting and reliable care. Our nurses are trained to respect your boundaries and adjust to your family’s needs.

Additionally, we have staffing coordinators on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist families with all of their staffing needs. We know parents are experts in what works best for their child, and we are happy to hire nurses that families recruit themselves!

Exceptional Training for Nurses

We deeply understand that trained and reliable nursing staff is what keeps medically complex kids healthy and happy at home with their families. Families have a say in who works for their child, and play a vital role in the decision of the nurses caring for their child. 

We determine the experience, skill level, and training required for each patient, and set up individual training programs specific to each patient’s needs. Nurses attend two different types of training, classroom-based courses on specific equipment and medical requirements pertaining to the patient, and we also schedule on-the-job training for all new nurses to shadow an experienced nurse already caring for the patient. 

All of our nurses are licensed professionals who:

  • Operate according the Minnesota Nursing Board Nurse Practice Act and meet Minnesota training and evaluation requirements.
  • Passed reference checks.
  • Undergo extensive criminal background screening.
  • Are insured for your safety.
  • Receive health and communicable disease screening and monitoring.

Get Started

1. Contact us directly via email or call (612) 770-4177! Our team of case managers will inform you about 1st Choice Pediatric and determine if we are the right fit to provide your child’s home care nursing needs.

Our case managers will assist you with checking your insurance coverage to make sure home care nursing is a covered service under your current plan.

2. Let your child’s primary care physician, hospital care manager, county worker, or social worker know you would like 1st Choice Pediatric to complete a Home Care Nursing Assessment, and they will make a referral to start the process.

If you already have home care nursing established but are interested in switching nursing agencies – or bringing us in as a second agency to provide more staff – we will work with you to make the transition as seamless as possible.